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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Funny Album Cover Art From South of the Border

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a Mexican radio station playing some weird (and strangely awesome) music I’d never heard before. It was like a cool version of polka played by big mariachi bands who sang in Spanish. And since I’m a sucker for accordion music (for no good reason at all), I was hooked. Of course, I had no idea what the songs were about (unless they said “coraz√≥n” or “mi amor” a lot), but I seriously enjoyed them.

So, when I got bored of my regular Pandora stations, I found Regional Mexican Radio to get a little blast from the past. The music, as expected, was great. The album art, however… not so much. These guys can sing, and they can definitely play, but holy hell do they look ridiculous.

Suddenly, I was constantly looking forward to the next song so I could take a screenshot of the next hilarious album cover. And after I’d amassed a hefty collection of pictures, I thought I’d share a few of them for everyone’s enjoyment and education. Want to learn about Mexican musicians? Well, here’s what I know:

They wear silly hats and make funny faces:

They use really obvious religious metaphors:

They wear matching shirts:

They wear crazy matching suits:

...really crazy suits:

They find inventive ways to fit all of their band members on the cover:

And they have really awesome mustaches: